On the move

A social ride-sharing application for community organizers in Boston Area


Sept 2015 – Dec 2015


This project was part of the Computer-Human Interaction class by Prof. Andrea Parker. Community organizers in the greater Boston area have to face many challenges due to their financial constraints. As part of their community norms, many members wish to attend different events that would benefit their communities and families. These events include activities such as public speaking, health awareness seminars, financial planning, and writing skill workshops to name a few.

We designed “On the move”, a social ridesharing application that allows community members to share rides to different community events and meet new members on the way. “On the move” builds a social network of community organizers that is not only limited to the virtual world but also enables ways to connect in the physical world. As part of this project, we carried out extensive in-person interviews and iterative testing with paper prototypes to arrive at our final concept of “On the move.” This project was in collaboration with Union Capital Boston, a rewards-based community organizing initiative. A working prototype can be accessed from here (best viewed on the mobile browsers). To access the code, please click here.

Technology Used: 

HTML 5.0, CSS 4, JavaScript, Atlas.ti


Interaction Design, Information Architecture, Prototyping, Graphic Design, User research, and Interviews

Skills Developed: 

Project Management, Affinity Analysis, Web Interface Development

Related Publications:

Farnaz Irannejad Bisafar, Aditya Ponnada, Ameneh Shamekhi, and Andrea G. Parker. 2017. A Sociotechnical Study of a Community-based Rewards Program: Insights on Building Social, Financial, and Human Capital. Proc. ACM Hum.-Comput. Interact. 1, CSCW, Article 55 (December 2017), 21 pages.


Prof. Andrea Parker (Asst. Prof., Northeastern University), Farnaz Irrannejad Bisafar (Ph.D. student, Northeastern University), Ameneh Shamekhi (Ph.D. student, Northeastern University)