About Me

option1_select.jpgI am a fourth year Ph.D. candidate advised by Prof. Stephen Intille in the Personal Health Informatics program and a member of mHealth Research Group at Northeastern University, Boston, MA. It is an interdisciplinary group affiliated with Khoury College of Computer Sciences and Bouve College of Health Sciences.

My research interests are in human-computer interaction, mobile & wearable technologies, and personal health informatics. My current work explores the use of consumer-grade mobile/wearable devices to generate high-quality behavioral data for health and life sciences research. In particular, I am exploring wearable interfaces of gathering high temporal density self-report data for longitudinal health surveillance efforts (e.g., NHANES, UK BioBank, and Precision Medicine Initiative). Note: This site is way behind what’s going on with my current research projects. I hope to update it as soon as possible. Such is Ph.D. life!

I am interested in working in inter-disciplinary teams of public health researchers, behavioral scientists, engineers, designers, and computer scientists. You can find my CV here.