About Me

dp_1I am a Ph.D. candidate working with Prof. Stephen Intille in the Personal Health Informatics program and a member of mHealth Research Group at Northeastern University, Boston, MA. It is an interdisciplinary group affiliated with Khoury College of Computer Sciences and Bouve College of Health Sciences.

I work at the intersection of human-computer interaction, mobile health, and personal health informatics. In particular, I explore tools and methods that improve our understanding of health behaviors and decision making. I work (and worked) with an amazing group of interdisciplinary researchers including Prof. Genevieve Dunton (Univ. of Southern California), Prof. Seth Cooper (Northeastern Univ.), Prof. Donald Hedeker (Univ. of Chicago), Prof. Andrea Parker (Georgia Tech), and Prof. Justin Manjourides (Northeastern Univ.). Note: This site is slightly behind the current status of work. I hope to update it as soon as possible. Such is Ph.D. life!

You can find my CV here.