About Me

option1_select.jpgI am a fourth year Ph.D. candidate advised by Prof. Stephen Intille in the Personal Health Informatics program and a member of mHealth Research Group at Northeastern University, Boston, MA. It is an interdisciplinary group affiliated with Khoury College of Computer Sciences and Bouve College of Health Sciences. I am currently doing my research internship at Philips, Cambridge, MA.

My research interests are in human-computer interaction, mobile & wearable technologies, and personal health informatics. My current work explores the use of consumer-grade mobile/wearable devices to generate high-quality behavioral data for health and life sciences research. In particular, I am exploring wearable interfaces of gathering high temporal density self-report data for longitudinal health surveillance efforts (e.g., NHANES, UK BioBank, and Precision Medicine Initiative).

I am interested in working in inter-disciplinary teams of public health researchers, behavioral scientists, engineers, designers, and computer scientists. You can find my CV here.